Startpoint Realty Income Estimator

It is not how much you make per sale...but how much you Keep for yourself at the end of each year.
80/20 split until Startpoint receives $6,000 annual cap then Keep 100%. It's Your Money. Keep it.
Working smarter 3 ways: Personal Sales, Residual Income, Team Leader. Check it out. It's Your Career.

Your total annual production: $0
Total Income You Keep working with Startpoint: $0

Residual Income Estimator - Recruit New Agents Annual Bonus

You keep 25% of Startpoints income from each agent that you recruit
You will earn this residual income every year you are with Startpoint Realty

Your Total Estimated Annual Residual Income: $0

Income Estimator for You as a Team Leader

Be a Team Leader. Have a team of associates to work with You. 50/50 Split Income to You on Your Team Associates income. Team Leaders determine splits with their team associates, 50/50 split with Team annual cap is $6,000 plus $4,500 per team associate. Manage your team Your Way! We will help you build a team.

Total Income You Keep as a Team Leader: $0

Total Annual Income You Keep at Startpoint Realty: $0

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